About Ellen

Hi, I’m Ellen.

If you struggle with reading the Bible, I’d like to help you. I’m glad we found each other!

When I was in college  started reading my Bible seriously when I was in college. Until then, I had attended many Bible studies, but my actual Bible reading activity was “hit and miss.” I’d read whatever I was studying at the time, but I failed at reading the entire Bible from beginning to end.

Like many of us, I’d start reading the Bible on January 1 with one of those reading plans that gets you through the Bible in a year. And like many of us, I’d wash out by the time I reached Leviticus. I also struggled with finding time and being consistent. Most of all I struggled with the difficult content found in the law, the prophets and elsewhere.

It took a while before I understood how to read the Bible systematically, but when I did, I was hooked! I even wrote a book about it. Today I try to read my Bible all the way through, two or three times a year.

Here’s a bit of bio information:

I’m Ellen Johnson Varughese. I was born into a Danish family in Solvang, CA and raised 30 miles away in Santa Maria, known for broccoli and strawberries. I grew up going to church and playing my violin. Every year for Solvang’s Danish Days, I would dress up in a Danish costume, bake æbleskiver for the tourists and perform with our Danish folk dance troop.

As an adult, I served the Lord on two mission fields, Denmark and Japan. I earned a Master’s Degree in Linguistics, and the year before my marriage I was a software engineer on the Space Shuttle project at nearby Vandenberg Air Force Base.

On July 7, 1984, I married N.J. Varughese, an evangelist from India, and moved with him to his native land. We’ve been missionaries to that wonderful country ever since.

The Lord blessed us with two children, Paul and Elizabeth. We moved back to the States as a family when they reached school age, and we currently make our home in Olathe, KS. Our ministry to India remains strong, and we now have two non-profit corporations serving India, All India Mission and Health for India.

Our precious Paul went to be with the Lord when he was only eight years old. Elizabeth recently married a fine man who loves the Lord, and faithfully reads his Bible, as she herself does. For myself, I stay busy with various ministry activities and hobbies.

These days my passion is for helping people read the Bible. I recently finished my book, The Bible Reading Revolution which contains helpful tips and strategies for systematic Bible reading. You can order your copy here.

I have a lot to share, both in my book and on this website — and I’d love you help YOU read your Bible.