Ellen’s FAQ Page


Confused? I’ll help you!

When I listen to people’s frustrations about Bible reading, they often say “People give me a read-your-Bible-in-a-year plan, and then I’m on my own. Nobody helps me understand anything.”

I’m your Bible reading coach. I’ll get you through!



Okay, tell me why I should read my Bible

The simplest reason is that God gave us the Bible. Why would He do that if He didn’t want us to read it?

Chapter 5 in my book, The Bible Reading Revolution, is devoted to this question.  You can order the book <here>.

You can also google “why read the Bible” and you’ll find zillions more reasons to read it.



What’s with all the sequoia trees?

The Giant Sequoia is my favorite tree, and the General Grant tree shown here is my favorite sequoia. I use the Sequoia as an illustration of the difference between Bible reading and Bible study. Bible reading focuses on gaining a panoramic view of the entire revealed Word of God, much like looking at a tree from a distance.

Bible study singles out portions of that panorama for more detailed scrutiny, much like studying the structure of the tiny sequoia cones shown here.

Chapter 2 in my book, The Bible Reading Revolution explains the difference in more detail.  You can order the book <here>.

You can also read my blog post on the subject <here>.



Yikes! Do you mean I have to read the whole thing?

The Bible is a very long book and reading it intimidates a lot of people. But, yes, we read the entire Bible from beginning to end. Here’s the Bible Reader’s Creed: “With God’s help, I will read the Bible, every word, in the proportion that God gave, over and over again for the rest of my life.”

Don’t worry. Our program is designed to help you every step of the way.




Do I have to read Leviticus, too?

Yes, if you want to read the whole Bible, every word, you’ll have to read Leviticus. Actually, it’s not so bad when you read the Bible systematically. I’ll teach you how.





How can I find a Bible reading group?

Until now, Bible reading groups (as opposed to Bible Study groups) have not been promoted. See my “Let’s read” page for finding a local reading group or forming one of your own. We also have web-based reading groups that you can join.





Do you have a program for kids?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. The average 4th grader has sufficient reading skills to read portions of the Bible without help.  It’s important to get kids started in a systematic Bible reading program as soon as they are old enough.




Where will I ever find time?

If you’re genuinely busy, it can be difficult, and I have some tips in my blog article <here>.

If you’re not so busy, turn off the TV or stop playing games on your cell phone.





How do I find a good translation?

If you are doing Bible study, accuracy is critical. When you are reading your Bible, readability is important.  That said, choosing a good translation can be a nightmarish experience for some.

Read more on this subject <here>