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We offer individual and group reading programs, only two so far, but we’ll be expanding.  See About our Programs for more information.

Individual Reading Program

  1. Read the article on How to Choose a Good Bible Reading Schedule.”
  2. Then go to the Bible Reading Schedules page and download whichever schedule suits you best (or you can find one online).

Group Reading Programs

  1. Join a Zoom Reading Group.  We are new, and we only have one zoom group so far which meets Monday-Friday at 2:00 Eastern time or 11:00 Pacific time.  Please contact me for details.
  2. Form a Zoom reading group.  We would like to have hundreds of these across the nation which meet a different times.  If you are interested in leading one, check it out <here>
  3. We use our own zoom reading schedule which can be downloaded on the Bible Reading Schedules page.

Don’t forget to order The Bible Reading Revolution <here>