About Let’s Read the Bible Together

One of the frustrations of Bible reading is that it is almost always an independent (lonely) activity. 

For years we’ve had group Bible studies. People use a workbook, have weekly assignments, and then get together to compare notes and discuss what they have learned.

On the other hand, group Bible reading is a new concept. Until now, nobody I knew read the Bible together. But group Bible reading has advantages over individual Bible reading. It provides fellowship with like-minded people, support for getting through hard spots, structure for reading systematically, and teaching about the passages covered.

Let’s Read the Bible Together is the perfect workbook for groups of men and women who would like to experience group Bible reading. It is designed much like a Bible study in that there are weekly reading assignments and discussion questions. But rather than delving deeply into Bible study, we will read the Bible, every word, in one year.

Genesis – Ruth is the first of four volumes. It covers the first one-fourth of the Bible, Genesis through Ruth. Three more quarters (I Samuel – to Psalms 89, Psalms 90 – Malachi, and New Testament) are under construction.