Are You Ready to Start Reading Your Bible?

Here’s the place to start!

I’m so glad you are joining the Bible Reading Revolution. Let’s get thousands of others to read their Bibles, too.

Below you will find download links to four of my reading schedules. These have been worked out over the years for my personal use, and now I am passing them on to you.

My reading schedules differ from others in two ways. First, they are divided by verses per day rather than by chapters per day. This makes for a more consistent reading load each day.

Second, they are based on 28 days in a month. That way you will have either 2 or 3 catch-up days every month except February.

Start reading at the beginning of any month, and you are good to go!


Bible in 3 months

Yes, it can be done! It’s a heavy reading schedule, but if you have time, go for it!.

Excel format    PDF format


Bible in 4 months.

This has been my favorite schedule for years, but these days, I’m a bit busier than usual, so I’m settling for the 6-month schedule.

Excel format     PDF format


Bible in 6 months

This is a great schedule for those who would like to read the Bible more than once a year.

Excel format     PDF format


Bible in 12 months

This is my version of the standard “read your Bible in a year” schedule. Like all the other individual reading schedules, it has catch-up days every month.

Excel format     PDF format


Zoom Schedule

This is the schedule we use for our Zoom reading programs.  It does not have catch-up days.  This way everybody, nation wide, will be reading the exact same passages every day.

Excel format     PDF format



Bible Chapter Checklist

I use this checklist to keep track of what I have read, and I find it a useful tool. It’s an Excel sheet with boxes for every chapter of the Bible and a copy and paste line near the top. Simply copy the checkmarks and paste them where you need them. If you do it correctly, you’ll also copy the red lines and paste them where they belong.