My book is available now!  I have been an avid Bible reader for many years, and I wrote The Bible Reading Revolution to share my Bible reading tips and techniques with you.

If you’ve struggled in the past, now is the time to picture yourself reading the Bible and understanding it.  I’ll not only help you get started reading your Bible, but I’ll also walk you through the entire Word of God, from Genesis to Revelation.

The Bible Reading Revolution is an easy book to read.  If you’re an absolute beginner to Bible reading, this book is specifically designed for you.  At the same time, if you’re already a champion Bible reader, you’ll gain a fresh perspective.

I’ve heard that most Christians wish they read their Bibles more.  What’s stopping them?  Time, for one thing, but I would like to suggest that many people simply need guidance and encouragement.  One dear friend complained recently, “They give you those reading schedules, and then you’re on your own.  Nobody explains anything to you.”

The Bible Reading Revolution will explain the basics – and give guidance and encouragement for everybody.

You’ll learn such things as the difference between Bible reading and Bible study, how to read difficult portions of Scripture, and how to find a reading program that fits your unique personality and values.

Before long you’ll be reading your Bible like a pro!  People will wonder where your Bible knowledge came from.

Read the book!  Read your Bible!  Develop a thirst for the Word of God!

You’ll find as I have that Bible reading is pure delight and a refreshment to the soul.